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Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-3-13 photo show: Anta 2016 WCBA all star game color shoes 2016 WCBA all star game, Anta Sports League sponsors for the event to launch exclusive boots, Southern Star team for the pink color, the North Star team is the blue color, very cool. (Sports Sohu Jude / photo)We believe that for The theme of this bronze statue of the reproduction of the image of the charming style of classical bronze statue, the tongue inside NO cheap jordans online VEMBER 1, 1994 words to further express the meaning. release date: AugustPrice:Not long ago you brought a concerned American footwear designer Ronnie Fieg cooperation with NEW BALANCE M999 spy, according to the exposure time of black and white pictures, you can only confirm that partner is the recent favorite topic of M999, I believe you quite looking forward to. In fact, some time ago we have seen the style of another spy, but did not specifically based on, cheap jordans for sale mens so that is why there is no exposure. Recently, on Ronnie Fieg the twitter again exposed a few pictures, printed on Ronnie Fieg x NB999 'Steel Blue' words of books, it is this cooperation next to the M999, as the name implies Last year the United States launched the M1300 CL & quot; SteelBlue & quot; expanded color design, fully consistent with the spy photos seen before, M999 momentary popularity unmatched today, intends to start with a friend you remember int Cheap air jordans for sale ensify attention in the future sale of the news. & nbsp; Source: undergroundsoles& nbsp; July 4, 1947 a rare night thunderstorm near Roswell, New Mexico, unidentified object crash occurred. The next day 50 km away from the Corona (Corona), (Roswell) northwest 120 kilometers away from Roswell a farmer Mike. Bledsoe (Mac 'Brazel) had heard the night thunder bigger than loud explosions, the next day he found scattered farms about 400 meters wide for many speci cheap jordans for sale al metal fragments. He took six days to the Roswell Sheriff metal fragments, and then report to the military, and forwarded to the Air Force Base. Seven Bledsoe with Jesse. Marcil (Jesse Marcel) Major and another officer to the scene to view, and a lot of things back to the base load test. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 28 on the distance covered with metal fragments Bledsoe farm five kilometers west of wasteland, living in the shuttle Crowe (Socorro) of a c Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ivil engineer Ge Faraday (Grady L.) was found in the wreckage of a metal disc, about nine meters in diameter; dish was split, there are several corpses scattered disc material inside and outside the ground. The body size is very thin, only 100 to 130 cm in length and weighing only 18 kilograms, no hair, big head, big eyes, small mouth, wearing a tight gray uniform whole. Troops stationed in the day immediately found the wreckage of the two places, cordoned off Retro jordans for sale the area. The military public relations officer watts. Hunt (Walter Haut), two local radio stations and two newspapers published a press release, Roswell "Daily Chronicle" on July 9 in the headlines published, claiming that the military found that the Air Force flying saucer, falling Ross Will Bledsoe near the farm, and was found the military. Military officials said the falling objects have been found, being tested, and to do further checking, Ohio. The news a cheap foamposites roused curiosity, and immediately communicated to the country, caused a great sensation. & nbsp; & nbsp; the next day the newspaper asked to clarify, falling meteorological ball. But six hours later, the military commander George. Remy (Geoge Remi) generals took charge of the event, he gave the ball Marcil meteorology major pieces, hastily arranged a reporter conference, the general said his officers made a mistake, there is no such thing as a flying saucer. Retro jordans for sale The object is simply crash with meteorological radar reactors ball only to overthrow the previous argument, so things ended. Earlier, radio station manager Zhu. Roberts (Judd Roberts) also immediately received orders to Washington: Do not broadcast the news that the flying saucer. So the next day, newspapers clarification, unidentified object was a weather ball fall, rather than the alien flying saucer. Because suddenly, change too fast, so the public doubt whe cheap jordan shoes for men ther there than that? Everyone believes meteorological ball to say that after the statement revised, became fifty years, the outstanding "Roswell Incident." Although there are hundreds of people have been involved or may submit evidence of "Roswell Incident" authenticity, but because of official information has been destroyed, the government certainly can not admit the authenticity of the event. So the Pentagon has plans to Mog children, when a high-altitude Cheap air jordan 12 ovo balloon to detect the wreckage left by falling to the ground, to cover the Roswell incident. "Roswell incident", although US officials could not confirm its authenticity, but all those who have studied civil case, but had been convinced that the US military will be valuable information on Roswell alien technology obtained in mystery buried in The fifty-first Area of ??interior, and with some of the resources and the aliens in exchange for crucial new technology transactions. NIKE in 2002 using computer imaging technology introduced some retro basketball ads, plays by the time the new NBA basketball legend Michael Carter A Dr.Funk, was disclosed in two advertising the film, they mostly stay in India as Rucker Park in Harlem that an advertisement, and another piece of ABA playoffs advertising we are more no impression. The story is always beyond human expectations, in that period among the ABA playoffs advertising, Carter played Dr.Funk joined the ABA team, and at his superb season with the team to victory in the road, and this ABA the team's name is the Roswell Raygun "Roswell light gun team." Sharp-eyed fans of shoes can be found from this ad, light gun team badge is an alien holding a light gun totem, the alien face cleverly designed basketball every line, but look out of shape is taken from the Roswell incident was captured by aliens, and four color yellow ABA's "Roswell light gun team" jersey, orange, black, white, all with the S & P release Roswell Raygun series of shoes color related. 2005 shoes inspired by events in 1947 because of the sky, but from a totem but is an old ad from 2002, as the four colors of color, but is never actually occur from an Earth The "Roswell light gun team," it seems NIKE Roswell Raygun shoes real mystery of life was also the same as with the Roswell incident, it will be buried in NIKE's fifty-first zone.