Embarrassing Situation in the lesson

I work as a primary school teacher. His pedagogical activity began two years ago. To approve the beginning of the school year, all teacher plans. As always, according to Plan, decided to open classes in the subject. In front of the class, I was very worried, for two days and nights of a script for the implementation of the lesson prepared.


At the end was a wonderful picture of the history. All the materials prepared. To interest the children very hard, that is why it is very important to carefully for the lesson. This is the decisive day.


And here are three strict women have entered the class, the head, went back and sat on the rear parties. I began my lesson:


— Good morning, children! Boys to today's lesson, I have prepared something interesting. You will be surprised. Attention to our lesson, I invited three compulsory!


The Hand put into my pocket, pulled out three stuffed animals. Quietly raised his head, and then the children's choir turned all together to the women who sat at the beginning of the lesson on the back of the page. In that Moment, I didn't know how to conduct themselves, to draw attention on yourself, had to suddenly sing.


The lesson went well, the certificate is gone, but you know, here are so embarrassing I was never in life.

When this story happened, I was studying in the tenth class. The first lesson was sports. I moved me in the locker room and went to the geography lesson. The geography was, as always, very boring. I saw interesting images in the textbook of geography, and then my gaze fell unknowingly on the dress. It was dressed in reverse. What a nightmare!!! I got all red and was like the world's rotste tomato.


The dress on both sides the same color, only in front of a small planotschka and a button. Now the buttons with a bar were to the rear. God, what should I do?! As it is now, unnoticed, back into the locker room and change clothes? God forbid, someone is sleeping with me, and I will forever be an object of ridicule. In any case, you can't allow that! In the tenth grade is very important not to spoil his reputation.

I waited for the call, and without attention, waited until all of the class, and came in last. In addition to the class my girlfriend-the classmate with which we communicated on the exchange. "You're so red?" — she asked. – It was hot in the office! — So, we go to the table top? – No. I have to go in the locker room. I forgot my Mike. Oden and. – Okay. We see us in the table.


And I went into the dressing room with the thought: "even if not on the street, well-known boy from the eleventh grade with which I and my friend meet friends". And then you go. I have built on the face of a very dreamy look, and I pretended that I didn't notice. God does not want to talk with me and understand that I dressed in a dress to the back! The guys have yelled at me. I said to them: "Hello!!! I hurry, I can't talk to you". Oh, thank God!) Nothing noticed.

I reached the changing rooms, clad you facilitated quickly and gasped. No one noticed. Excellent! And that would make me shitty. The next time I'll be more attentive, and never a dress to front.

I told the friend, the lover of all jokes. But he doesn't like fishing, if you consider boring. Once in the Winter, over Ladoga lake, he saw a group of those who are fascinated, you already have a lot of fish (apparently, it was a good day), well, she bought a whole bucket. Discharged in his car and drove home.


But on a half fence, it has lowered a wheel. What to do, he sways, the trunk opened, there are the fish. And other fishermen to catch and there were many, saw stopped, as luck decided, to know where such fish places.

And he is always ready to help people, even if his help any more damage! - Stop-then this occurred is about big whether or puddles, whether swamps, frozen now, of course. And this comrade has shown with the wide gesture of the swamp and Says: "and here has begun! Way away from the meters to a hundred". Fischer seems not to be released locally, where they know that there is a depth of a centimeter is 10. You see an old room, reed, from the snow sticking to the edges... and they were turning holes, and he changed the wheel and drove on. Yes, faster, faster, and then still catch up!

Lived-there were two sisters, one at the time of the incident of the war, 23 years old, the other 12. The difference in age, of course, to talk much, but also interesting, with each other you loved each other, and the relationship was good, sisters!


Senior, of course, wanted to get married! They even had a cavalier, and soon the bridegroom of war, such as love and relationships were already present, but here the offers have not made it persistent. And girlfriends come and go, and it looks is an old maid. You are invited to the next wedding, and she went to the audition of the firm intention to catch a bouquet, in order to ensure that the next wedding will be hers.

I'm excited by a fixed, quickly, with tears come — she has caught a bouquet of flowers! Sits, complained, — what is now, again, nothing will happen, because I wished for, could no longer throw this bride-to-be carefully, unmarried friends, there are, in order...

Sister decided, to Comfort her: "come on, think you don't get caught ... "

The Small, of course, wants to be married, but before their wedding-to each of not less than six years!

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